This is a dark themed story driven quest mod for Skyrim. Like a real story, it is split into chapters which will be added one by one as the development moves on.

Warnings (read this before downloading):
Content Warning:
The story of this mod features dark adult themes like slavery, reluctance, blackmail, non-consentual sex, humilation and so on. Its not over the top (at least not yet) stuff, but if this direction is not your cup of tea, don't bother to download it.

Full Story Code Warnings:
Prolog: Non-Consentual, Masturbation
Chapter 1: Rape, Blackmail, Humil, D/s, Beastiality (optional)

Length Warning:
Every minute you play takes several hours to create in a story driven mod. Don't expect this to be another Dawnguard. Right now the very first chapter is finished. Its more like a preview (which also means - don't expect any orgies just yet)

Bug Warning:
There are probably quite a few bugs in the mod, which I hope to find and fix of course. However many bugs are just caused by Skyrim/The Creation Kit itself. When I tested the mod, sometimes some action in a scene just failed for no reason at all and it got stuck. Most times I could compelte the mod without any problems tho - however if you get stuck in a scene or dialog, just reloading and doing it again fixes it most of the times.

Will this mod be continued?

You need to have these mods installed:
  • You need to TURN ON SUBTITLES in your settings
  • You need to have a FEMALE PLAYER CHARACTER

Custom Skeletons are very likely not going to work / fit with the mods animation. For the XP32 Maximum Skeleton there is a compatibilty mode: Select the Dark Investigation Settings Spell in your Magic Menu and turn on this mode if you are using this skeleton. The vanilla will provide better results however.
- While I tried to avoid messing up any vanilla quests, due to bugs and pathing issues I can't promise that I succeeded in it. Therefore I do recommend to only keep this mod loaded while you play it - it won't do anything after you have the quest done anyway. No edits on your character or anything are done.

Conflicting / Incompatible mods:
  • "See you Sleep" Mod
  • Ultimate Follower Overhaul

1. Download and install all required mods listed above
2. Download this mod and unzip it into your data directory
3. Run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe which was provided with FNIS and is in your /data/tools directory
4. Play smile.png

- The quest is started by the courier. Just go into any city after the mod is loaded.

Trouble Shooting:
My custom PC looks strange / manly / bulky / is missing custom features
Move dip.esp up in the load order

Anray keeps being a follower even when he should have left already / The door guard won't let me in telling me companions are not allowed / Anray won't follow me, telling me to get rid of compainions
Disable any custom follower mods, like UFO, and restart Dark Investigations.

In scenes my PC or other Actors just stand arround like ragdolls when they should be doing something
Makes sure you have FNIS installed properly and ran the user tool as described in the installation notes

A scene stops and doesn't moves on / Strange things happens / Actors are attacking each other
Load the last save outside the cell where the cell where the trouble began (in most cases the last autosave) and try again.

I still can't get it to work / something won't happen / someone won't speak to me / some script won't start
Make sure you use the most current Skyrim Version (>= 1.8).
Remove / disable all not required mods (you can backup your data folder before to easily restore everything back once your are finished). Make sure the /data/scripts folder is empty as scripts from other mods with the same name could break the mod. Then reinstall DI, use a clean save (or create a new character by starting a new game - in no case use a save which you created while DI was already active before) and try again. If that still does not work, feel free to post here in this thread asking for support

Voice Actors
I'm looking for volunteers to make this mod fully voiced. Please check out this post if you want to help.

Graphic Artists
You know your way arround creating or editing items / textures / effects in Skyrim and want to help out? There is always some item or outfit I need for this mod, so if you want to help me out go ahead and PM me. All I can offer is the timeless fame if a place in mod credits however tongue.png

Animation Artists
I have to use existing animations for the sex scenes in the mod. While many of them are very well done, most are not perfect for the actual scenes I have in mind. For example, some are "one-piece" animations which don't allow me to set the proper timing, others don't quite fit the action (like looking to consentual when it is not in the scene) and several do not exist at all (groping, undressing, etc). On the off chance that someone with skill in this area comes along and wants to provide an animation tailored for this story, please contact me.



Scene Animations
Males Solo: Arrok
Tursam/Player: DarkAngel1265
Tursam/Danica: SexiS
Shydra/Rapists: Athstai
Shydra/Dog: Panicforever
Shydra Solo: bleagh
Shydra/Guard: Arrok
Shydra/Player: Athstai

Debugger / Editor
hmgirlpopuri (retired)

Voice Actors
Wormos: conradjones
Elgrim: GrimReaperCalls
Daniy: creeposaurus
Erach: watshisface
Deav: Highohall
Anray: Toastman
Tursam: Vulon
Shydra: Aryes
Johnny: SkatingJesus
Haako: Valgo
Door Guard: Shadow

Minor Animations
Cover: Stratovarius

Textures / Graphic
Slave Collar, Gag, Cuffs: ZaZ-Animation-Pack
Horny Dog: diarawr
Bukkake Textures: scepth
Strap On: Calyps
Curtain: Insanity (

Skyrim (2011): 0.27 Download | Mirror- 74MB
Skyrim Special Edition (2016): 0.27 Download - 68MB

Completion Status
Chapter 0: 2/2 Branches - 4/7 Voice Actors - 1/1 Follow Up "Bonus" Scenes
Chatper 1: 4/4 Branches - 6/13 Voice Actors - 2/? Follow Up "Bonus" Scenes

Old Versions:

- Added the last branch for Shydra - Added one "bad end" bonus scene - Removed Sexis Dependency 0.26
- Added voices for Anray and Shydra
- Added an option to skip female sex voices in the dark investigation settings spell

- Added third branch of chapter 1

There is no new content in this update.
- Added voices for Tursam (Vulon) and Haako (Valgo)
- Added an option to skip male sex voices in the dark investigation settings spell
- Added a few new minor animations to the scenes
- Removed ASX requirement to run DI
- Voice files are now xwm encoded, shrinking the size of the mod considerable

- Bugfix for missing hello lines introduced in 0.22
- Added Voices for Anray and Johnny
- Added the first bonus scene/location (for the Player/Tursam -> release branch)
You need to run the FNIS tool after updating.

- Fixed several smaller bugs based on feedback for 0.20

- Added Chapter 1 (first two branches)

- I hear voices. And so can you! Thanks to the fantastic voice acting of GrimReaperCalling, conradjones, creeposaurus and watshisface the characters of Elgrim, Wormos, Daniy and Erach are now voiced. Join the ranks of those great voices and apply for the remaining characters! (see the voice acting thread)

- Added story to provide proper closure for the first chapter. What happened to Daniy, Erach and Nodyme? Find out and head back to their farm after your freed Daniy (don't use a savegame from previous versions). Proper investigators may also find an item which will be usefull in the next chapter.

- When started with a male PC, the quest no longer fails but waits untill the PC is female (for example by using "showracemenu" or when using a skip-intro mod)
- It is now enough to have your follower wait outside the Inn instead of dismissing him. Also less prone to bugged follower stats
- You can now talk to Elgrim in Riften even if you got the note from Erach aleady
- The Bright Path Inn has now a quest marker
- The dialogue has been customized a bit to better reflect the PCs race, equipped armor and carried items

- Initial Release Chapter 1 - Prolog

Thats it for now. More information and text to come. I appreciate any feedback, bugreports, comments - thats what will keep the mod growing smile.png


General comments, suggestions, feedback and support thread

May 15, 2014

Back on track

Finally, I do have some time to work on this mod again and progress is made. No promises for a release date but... well there is no but
Stay tuned.

Negotiations aren't going that well...


  1. Best Skyrim mod ever... we're cheering you on! :D

  2. That's the best news i've heard in the last month.

  3. Woo hoo! :D Something to look forward to. Can't wait for the next update, keep up the great work as always. Let me know if you need more voicing done.


  4. We <3 you so much Asthai
    thanx for all the hard work you are doing

    kiss to you

  5. cruel i have to check this web everyday! (I did alredy :P)
    Man i can't whait

  6. Toastman here! Give me a heads up whenever you want Anray finished if needed! x

    1. Thanks will do. But that might not be until its nearly finished, because I often change existing dialogue during development which isn't possible anymore once the voices are in.

  7. Great news indeed! Good luck, can't wait for an update!

  8. Awesome! Glad to hear that this is continuing. The first part was great, so I'm really looking forward to future installments.

  9. Great news, bro!


  10. Dragonborn enslavement !

  11. Fucking awesome news man!!!

    I have a question though, are you going to adapt the mod to use SexLab instead of SexiS?
    And maybe using SOS instead of FavoredSoulMeshes?

    They are old mods and pretty much nobody uses them anymore.

    1. I'll probably remove the SexiS (datapack) dependency and copy the used animation over. No need for Sexlab at this point.

      SOS, I'm not sure. I guess technically it does offers some nice features for its users in general, but I doubt (without testing) that it's possible to get the animations perfectly aligned with a non-static penis model. I mean you can already just use SOS instead of the included mesh if you prefer anyway (I do think you need a command to make the penis errect manually tho? Not sure, never used it yet).

    2. I use sos, and it worked for this mod. Only part that didn't work was the encounter with Deave. He kept his underwear on. Other than that, it s hit or miss when it comes to animations lining up correctly. Just my experience though.

    3. It's easy to detect the presence of SOS and send it the commands to go erect and flaccid without adding a dependency for SOS to the mod.

      If you like I will take and add that code to one of your current scripts as an example and send it to you. That way you can continue to keep your mod free of external dependencies and yet allow people to use SOS if they prefer it.

    4. Sure, post some example script and I will add it to the scenes (as long as it indeed doesn't adds any dependency).

    5. Sorry for taking so long to get back but I forgot you don't include the script sources so I couldn't test any of this in your mod itself but here's the information that should help you.

      bool sosEnabled = false

      ; Check for Schlongs of Skyrim
      sosEnabled = false

      if Game.GetModCount() != None
      int mods = Game.GetModCount()
      while mods
      mods -= 1
      string name = Game.GetModName(mods)
      if name == "Schlongs of Skyrim.esp" || name == "Schlongs of Skyrim - Light.esp"
      Debug.Trace("SOS Found '" + name + "' dicks are now dynamic")
      sosEnabled = true
      mods = 0

      ; Give someone an erection
      if (sosEnabled)
      Debug.SendAnimationEvent(MaleActor, "SOSFastErect")

      ; The party is over, time to hang your head low
      if (sosEnabled)
      Debug.SendAnimationEvent(MaleActor, "SOSFlaccid")

      See how the code checks to see if the SKSE extensions are present (required by SOS) without requiring SOS or SKSE by checking to see if the function is
      available. Then the code just looks through the list of installed mods and checks for the known names of the ESP files. Once the flag is set the code
      to make or end an erection is very simple and also doesn't rely on anything you have to declare to your mod or create as a dependency.

      Note: You personally will have to have the SKSE extensions installed to compile the code but the normal users will not have a dependency created by the
      mod and it will work for them as your original design without having to install SKSE. You would have to install SKSE in order to test the SOS stuff
      anyway but I wanted to make it clear that is only a requirement for development purposes.

      You may want to make the sosEnabled boolean a global value so you can set it once and forget it instead of having the full check in every bit of code.

      You also need to remove the Malebody_0.nif and Malebody_1.nif files from the Data\Meshes\actors\character\character assets folder in your mod since they
      should be part of the 4UDicks mod already so your copies are unnecessary and will cause a "shadow dick" to appear on all male characters if the SOS mod
      is used.

      Also there may be alignment problems with the actors since the SOS dick may not be in the exact same place on the actor's body as your default but that
      could be overcome by a slight scale adjustment for the guys when you detect the presence of the SOS mod.

      A noticable problem with SOS is that the underwear they place on the actors is "thick" and will clip through some of the actors clothing that should be
      covering it but that is a defect of SOS that it's authors need to address and there isn't anything you should do about it. Just forewarning you because
      someone may complain and you'll know where to send them.

      For more tricks you can use to determine if other mods are installed to optionally use things from them download the Zaz Animation Pack from LoversLab and
      look at the zbfSexLab.psc script in that mod to see how it builds a dynamic link to the Sexlab Framework mod without having a dependency. The same technique
      can be used to reference any part of another mod as long as you know the ID of the item (the IDs of course are easily found by loading the mod in TESVEdit
      or the CK.

    6. Thanks for your work and detailed answer. I wasn't aware that you could use SKSE functions and still run the mod properly if it isn't present.

      > You also need to remove the Malebody_0.nif and Malebody_1.nif files

      Those are needed, because they contain a custom penis model which is made to perfectly fit with all the animation made for this mod. Those who want to use SOS will have to delete them.

      I'll work on this, but its still quite some time to invest, having multiple installs to test it with and without SOS, adjusting and checking all scenes, possible correcting stuff. I'll see if it goes into the next content update or the version after this (which is probably a voice / bug fix update).

    7. Take your time (LOL), this should be considered a side project to getting the rest of the story told because getting the whole story done is probably more important to most of use following this than exactly which dick mod is required,

  12. great news indeed man also i ask you a question i want to create quests like this right now im learning creation kit is there anything you can suggest me to do?

    1. I found some Youtube tutorials a pretty good start into writing a quest:

      You won't be able to do the same right away, but it will give you a good impression of how things works and where you need to look. It helps a lot if you already have some programming experience, because you will need to scripting in all more complex quests and condtions, aliases etc are also concepts which you understand faster as a coder, but with some patience you can do without too.

  13. Great news!! been waitiing for this since loooong time :D :D
    Thanks Ashal! you have no ideaa this is the best skyrim mod ever! :D :D

  14. Great news really hope this one will have the Dragonborn in some vigorous negotiations, wink wink,. Keep up the great work.

  15. That is great news but I was wandering that there are many vanilla skyrim characters in this mod so why not use a sound editor and the skyrim voice acting asset to fill their roles. Well that will safe a lot of voice acting and I think some major characters like priestess Donica and Deav serously needs a voice at this point of the story.

    1. I don't really know what you mean, but you cannot create (convincing) voices without an voice actor.

    2. Sorry, let me clarify that, what I mean is that u can record the voices of npcs from their respective voice assets and use it to record a dialog of your choice through an audio editor. Which is only possible for the vanilla characters like ireleth or donica as u can get their voice recorded. For mod characters like deav or say the orcs u will just need voice actors. Hope that is more clear.

    3. "Sexlab Amorous Adventures" uses Skyrim's voice assets to make fully voiced Quest dialogue. URL:

    4. Interesting. The voices sound pretty good for beeing computer generated I have to admit. Did not expect that. They would work fine for the mod. However, at this point I have no clue how to generate such voices but I have no doubt that it takes quite some work to do so, in order to get the pronunciation and mood right.
      So spending time on that take away time I can work on the actual content. And just like when I started doing animations, that might lead to long delays. I might look into that at one point, although it would be perfect if someone else who wants to help and maybe has already some knowledge with that gets on that task.
      Anyway, thanks for pointing that one out, didn't know that.

    5. All i can add is that creating dialogue from existing soundbites takes an enormous amount of time no matter what resources you have. It is an extremely painful experience. I've been a writer, voice actor, and done audio editing for more than a few flash cartoons on newgrounds and other such projects. Voice actors are always the best option. Picking through hundreds of audio files and trying to piece together something coherent, no matter how short the line, is never the way to go.

    6. Recording voice from a person is always easier but u may not have an option if there are no voice actors available. The way I see it u can either wait for all eternity for someone to appear out of nowhere to lend their voice or simply go forward with the audio editing as it at least gets u a recording done.

    7. > Picking through hundreds of audio files and trying to piece together something coherent, no matter how short the line, is never the way to go.

      I may have misunderstood it (again, I have no clue, because I didn't looked into it at all) but I thought those voices are not copy and pasted out of existing recordings but actually generated (?). Well that was why I was surprised about their quality. Copy and pasting would indeed never work, alone for the reason that many of the words I would want to use don't exist in the vanilla files. And I would have to create the dialogue to fit the voices rather then the other way around.

    8. I dunno if u guys played amorous adventures or not but dialogues like "dragonborns are pigs" are not suppose to be in the vanilla files. So its worth givin a shot.

    9. Amorous adventures just takes existing lines from used and unused dialogue in the game files and has them organized to sound like the characters are saying something new. There are not enough words in the vanilla or extra unused dialogue to create a proper syntax. You will ever get a skyrim character to say rubber baby buggy bumpers. Like i said just not worth the work. Use voice actors when you can, and text when you cant. I prefer text over voice actors most of the time. It slows things down and lets the situation sink in.

  16. Are you struggling to find voice actors?

  17. Great News! This mod deserve mod of the year.

  18. great i hoped the Story would be continued

  19. I can't wait.. kill me please

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  21. any progress updates?

  22. wonder about the progress :) can't wait to play this awesome mod

    1. I'll post a progress update soonish (like in a week). Spoiler: Its going along well, but it will still take a bit untill it's finished.

    2. Wow. I can't wait this. Cheer up!

    3. But i don't think we can wait a week D:
      but we shall try our best to control our self's
      thanx alot Athstai

  23. This mod is like a drug and I m addicted to it. Thank god an update is coming in a week. Finally I m gonna get my addiction cured. Cant wait!!

    1. not an update, a status update ....

    2. Oops! Guess I misunderstood the status update for update, I feel like n idiot. Anyways gotta wait some more with my addiction.

    3. Oh my gosh. Is this status update?

    4. progress update yes, i'll just play that what whe have now for the 89ths time :D

  24. Status report Athstai Da!

    1. Hey. Athstai is not your customer.

  25. i Quote for everyone "I'll post a progress update soonish (like in a week). Spoiler: Its going along well, but it will still take a bit untill it's finished."

    He is going to let us now where he is with the progress in the second part you can see he say's it'll still take some time (more then a week) to finish it, propably somewhere at the end off this month, if progress goes well

  26. This is one of best quest mod I have ever see, hope I could see it completed one day.