This is a dark themed story driven quest mod for Skyrim. Like a real story, it is split into chapters which will be added one by one as the development moves on.

Warnings (read this before downloading):
Content Warning:
The story of this mod features dark adult themes like slavery, reluctance, blackmail, non-consentual sex, humilation and so on. Its not over the top (at least not yet) stuff, but if this direction is not your cup of tea, don't bother to download it.

Full Story Code Warnings:
Prolog: Non-Consentual, Masturbation
Chapter 1: Rape, Blackmail, Humil, D/s, Beastiality (optional)

Length Warning:
Every minute you play takes several hours to create in a story driven mod. Don't expect this to be another Dawnguard. Right now the very first chapter is finished. Its more like a preview (which also means - don't expect any orgies just yet)

Bug Warning:
There are probably quite a few bugs in the mod, which I hope to find and fix of course. However many bugs are just caused by Skyrim/The Creation Kit itself. When I tested the mod, sometimes some action in a scene just failed for no reason at all and it got stuck. Most times I could compelte the mod without any problems tho - however if you get stuck in a scene or dialog, just reloading and doing it again fixes it most of the times.

Will this mod be continued?

You need to have these mods installed:
  • You need to TURN ON SUBTITLES in your settings
  • You need to have a FEMALE PLAYER CHARACTER

Custom Skeletons are very likely not going to work / fit with the mods animation. For the XP32 Maximum Skeleton there is a compatibilty mode: Select the Dark Investigation Settings Spell in your Magic Menu and turn on this mode if you are using this skeleton. The vanilla will provide better results however.
- While I tried to avoid messing up any vanilla quests, due to bugs and pathing issues I can't promise that I succeeded in it. Therefore I do recommend to only keep this mod loaded while you play it - it won't do anything after you have the quest done anyway. No edits on your character or anything are done.

Conflicting / Incompatible mods:
  • "See you Sleep" Mod
  • Ultimate Follower Overhaul

1. Download and install all required mods listed above
2. Download this mod and unzip it into your data directory
3. Run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe which was provided with FNIS and is in your /data/tools directory
4. Play smile.png

- The quest is started by the courier. Just go into any city after the mod is loaded.

Trouble Shooting:
My custom PC looks strange / manly / bulky / is missing custom features
Move dip.esp up in the load order

Anray keeps being a follower even when he should have left already / The door guard won't let me in telling me companions are not allowed / Anray won't follow me, telling me to get rid of compainions
Disable any custom follower mods, like UFO, and restart Dark Investigations.

In scenes my PC or other Actors just stand arround like ragdolls when they should be doing something
Makes sure you have FNIS installed properly and ran the user tool as described in the installation notes

A scene stops and doesn't moves on / Strange things happens / Actors are attacking each other
Load the last save outside the cell where the cell where the trouble began (in most cases the last autosave) and try again.

I still can't get it to work / something won't happen / someone won't speak to me / some script won't start
Make sure you use the most current Skyrim Version (>= 1.8).
Remove / disable all not required mods (you can backup your data folder before to easily restore everything back once your are finished). Make sure the /data/scripts folder is empty as scripts from other mods with the same name could break the mod. Then reinstall DI, use a clean save (or create a new character by starting a new game - in no case use a save which you created while DI was already active before) and try again. If that still does not work, feel free to post here in this thread asking for support

Voice Actors
I'm looking for volunteers to make this mod fully voiced. Please check out this post if you want to help.

Graphic Artists
You know your way arround creating or editing items / textures / effects in Skyrim and want to help out? There is always some item or outfit I need for this mod, so if you want to help me out go ahead and PM me. All I can offer is the timeless fame if a place in mod credits however tongue.png

Animation Artists
I have to use existing animations for the sex scenes in the mod. While many of them are very well done, most are not perfect for the actual scenes I have in mind. For example, some are "one-piece" animations which don't allow me to set the proper timing, others don't quite fit the action (like looking to consentual when it is not in the scene) and several do not exist at all (groping, undressing, etc). On the off chance that someone with skill in this area comes along and wants to provide an animation tailored for this story, please contact me.



Scene Animations
Males Solo: Arrok
Tursam/Player: DarkAngel1265
Tursam/Danica: SexiS
Shydra/Rapists: Athstai
Shydra/Dog: Panicforever
Shydra Solo: bleagh
Shydra/Guard: Arrok
Shydra/Player: Athstai

Debugger / Editor
hmgirlpopuri (retired)

Voice Actors
Wormos: conradjones
Elgrim: GrimReaperCalls
Daniy: creeposaurus
Erach: watshisface
Deav: Highohall
Anray: Toastman
Tursam: Vulon
Shydra: Aryes
Johnny: SkatingJesus
Haako: Valgo
Door Guard: Shadow

Minor Animations
Cover: Stratovarius

Textures / Graphic
Slave Collar, Gag, Cuffs: ZaZ-Animation-Pack
Horny Dog: diarawr
Bukkake Textures: scepth
Strap On: Calyps
Curtain: Insanity (

Skyrim (2011): 0.27 Download | Mirror- 74MB
Skyrim Special Edition (2016): 0.27 Download - 68MB

Completion Status
Chapter 0: 2/2 Branches - 4/7 Voice Actors - 1/1 Follow Up "Bonus" Scenes
Chatper 1: 4/4 Branches - 6/13 Voice Actors - 2/? Follow Up "Bonus" Scenes

Old Versions:

- Added the last branch for Shydra - Added one "bad end" bonus scene - Removed Sexis Dependency 0.26
- Added voices for Anray and Shydra
- Added an option to skip female sex voices in the dark investigation settings spell

- Added third branch of chapter 1

There is no new content in this update.
- Added voices for Tursam (Vulon) and Haako (Valgo)
- Added an option to skip male sex voices in the dark investigation settings spell
- Added a few new minor animations to the scenes
- Removed ASX requirement to run DI
- Voice files are now xwm encoded, shrinking the size of the mod considerable

- Bugfix for missing hello lines introduced in 0.22
- Added Voices for Anray and Johnny
- Added the first bonus scene/location (for the Player/Tursam -> release branch)
You need to run the FNIS tool after updating.

- Fixed several smaller bugs based on feedback for 0.20

- Added Chapter 1 (first two branches)

- I hear voices. And so can you! Thanks to the fantastic voice acting of GrimReaperCalling, conradjones, creeposaurus and watshisface the characters of Elgrim, Wormos, Daniy and Erach are now voiced. Join the ranks of those great voices and apply for the remaining characters! (see the voice acting thread)

- Added story to provide proper closure for the first chapter. What happened to Daniy, Erach and Nodyme? Find out and head back to their farm after your freed Daniy (don't use a savegame from previous versions). Proper investigators may also find an item which will be usefull in the next chapter.

- When started with a male PC, the quest no longer fails but waits untill the PC is female (for example by using "showracemenu" or when using a skip-intro mod)
- It is now enough to have your follower wait outside the Inn instead of dismissing him. Also less prone to bugged follower stats
- You can now talk to Elgrim in Riften even if you got the note from Erach aleady
- The Bright Path Inn has now a quest marker
- The dialogue has been customized a bit to better reflect the PCs race, equipped armor and carried items

- Initial Release Chapter 1 - Prolog

Thats it for now. More information and text to come. I appreciate any feedback, bugreports, comments - thats what will keep the mod growing smile.png


General comments, suggestions, feedback and support thread

February 12, 2016

What the future holds

I already hinted at it, the next mod I'll work on will probably be for Fallout 4, although I have not yet decided which direction it will take. And what do you do if you can't make up your mind? Right! A poll and let others take the burden of decision. Although just as for real polls, I'll ignore the result at the end and still do what I like most

What kind of mod for Fallout 4 would you like to see?

A story based mod without an adult (sex) theme, focusing entirely on the story and RP elements
A story based mod featuring sex scenes, focusing on the adult elements (like Dark Investigation)
An adult game mechanic mod (for example create your own harem settlement) without much story
I hate Fallout 4 and won't play any mods for it
I hate you and your dog for not finishing Dark Investigations and won't play any mod from you
Poll Maker

Some small words (in a small font) about the last update I promised for Dark Investigations: It didn't quite work out as I wanted. I still plan to do it at some point, but it won't be soon. Sorry.


  1. I'm a bit confused as the difference between the top two- instinctively I want another Dark Investigations for Fallout. I think a non RPG mod would be a waste of your storytelling and dialogue writing skills. What made Dark Investigations so good was that it offered more than just a standard sex mod but a bit of depth and diversity.

    1. The first one will not contain sex scenes. The second one will. While Dark Investigation had a story, it was mostly in place to allow interesting sex scenes so the mod revolved to some degree around this. While a "vanilla" mod will only care about the story. For the better or worse.

    2. Sorry makes sense now. Reading between the lines the adult mod without sex scenes seems to be what you want to do (Certainly your more frustrated posts here seem to be around animating. As I said above I enjoy the story and dialogue you come up with so on a personal level would happily download and play such a mod. I'm sure in time someone would come along and add animations into it.

  2. So your dog played a huge part in not finishing Dark Investigations it seems.

  3. IMO, It should really focus on the story. So many mods "stories" are just terrible.

    Dark Investigations without any sex animations (like lewd textbooks describing the action) is more than enough. I loved the whole theme behind DI.

    I voted for adult mostly because so many mod creators are vanilla and so few make adult stories - you're a rarity Athstai. Good to see you posting again.

  4. No 0.28 for DI? ='(

    1. Author said he would eventually, meaning never. Sad, but that way, the site is still able to get traffic!

    2. Indeed and obviously that huge amount of traffic which makes me so much money due to all the adds on this site is all I ever really wanted.

  5. I'm just incredibly happy that you're still doing mods.

  6. Toastman here if you do come to making a fallout mod let me know again I'd be happy to work with you again :)

  7. The poll has been up for a week now and the preferences of most users is pretty clear, with the result not quite surprising given that it's posted on a blog which is all about an adult story mod. Here is my take on it: Really the only options I consider are 1, 2 and “none of the above”.

    For today, let's speak about the second choice of the poll.

    What arguments can be made for another mod like Dark Investigations? First of all the Fallout universe offers the perfect stage for such a story, even more so than a fantasy based world like Skyrim. In a place were civilization crumbles and morals are gone, sex will always play a significant role – which is interestingly enough absent for the most part in Fallout 4. So the world basically needs such an addition ;) Also adult themed mod do offer quite a nice pacing in terms of story telling. The mix of story, little quests and (sex) scenes as reward works out pretty well in my mind and was one factor which kept Dark Investigations entertaining. On a personal view, I do enjoy creating such mods with sexual themes which are usually too “taboo” to attract high quality content.
    So that's quite a strong case for it, what speaks against it. Quite a few things, which also contributed to the fact that Dark Investigations stayed unfinished.Let's start with animations. If you create a mod where the cut (/sex) scenes are one of the main attractions, they needs to be good. Very good. And that means they need animations which fit well. When I started with DI, I had hoped that I could use animations from other modders just like I did for my prior mod in Oblivion. It soon became apparent that this would not work out. In the first 1-2 years after Skyrim was released, there were too few animations available which fit the theme of my mod and even fewer had an acceptable quality (for the animation itself and things like an intro, outro and transition). Plus, I had higher aspirations for this project than my prior one. In the end it became clear that for a great scenes, custom tailored animations were necessary. DarkAngel made such an animation for the Tursam/Player scene and it turned out to be one of the best scenes in the mod. Unfortunately he wasn't able to contribute more of his work for this mod. Since no other animator was interested in working on those, I ended up working on them myself. It's fun but I have little experience (and to be honest talent) for animation artwork which meant I had to invest even more time to get things remotely play out as I wanted to. Which in turn brought the progress for the mod to a crawl and had implications for my motivation. The same problem would arise for a Fallout 4 mod.
    Another reason is close related to the nature of the mod. With themes being frowned upon by many (at least in public), there aren't many places where I can publish it, which results in less exposure. And it shows. The total download numbers for Dark Investigation were a fraction of what even some less extensive mod on the Steam Workshop or Nexus achieves within a day. The issue here isn't fame, I'm fine with a small but dedicated audience, but in general the bigger the community the better the chances for contributors of all kinds are (or so I hope). Animators, graphic artists, voice actors (also I'm very happy with how the voices turned out for Dark Investigation in the end), possible donations at one point and so on. There's a lot which others can do to contribute to the progress and quality of the mod. And I assume in general it's easier to gather such people when the mod is more popular and less offending.
    Last but not least there are some personal reasons against another adult themed mod. To put it in one sentence: Been there, done that, let's move on. The motivation to do it, just to see “if I can” is gone – I know I can by now. That doesn't mean it's no fun anymore, but less of a challenge.

    1. That's it for now. After you read all the arguments against it, you might think I have made up my mind already, but that's not really the case. I still do enjoy the idea of creating another Dark Investigation like mod. But I haven't decided yet. If I turn out to be bored again anytime soon, I'll write a comment on my view for the first choice, a story based (non-adult) mod.

    2. Would you in the future consider using pre-existing animations? Skyrim animations through Sexlab have since come on a long way and I think the general hope is some clever people will find a way of porting them over to Fallout. I know you like the keep requirements down but I imagine most if not all people who download an adult mod would already have such a framework downloaded as well.

    3. What you're saying is entirely reasonable and pragmatic.

      Being more mainstream will give you a bigger audience. Bigger audience means more exposure which in turn leads to more accessibility to resources and an easier time working on the mod.

      Although it's a tad disappointing from a weirdo who likes the fact it's not mainstream to hear that line of argument.

      But, if your inspiration for an adult mod is gone, then that's it. I just really have no interest in a non-adult mod. But... no hard feelings. I appreciate your hard work to get DI to v0.27. A lot of the scenes from DI were some of my favorite moments with Skyrim. Good luck with the FO4 mod.

    4. Have you played dance with rogues? There is no need for animations for a great adult mod. I think you should use text wall for the scenes and i'll be great anyway.

    5. Consider taking the story you have for DI to FO4 and finishing the mod there. If they haven't made it impossible to port the mod it shouldn't be too hard to alter the story and locations to fit the FO4 world.

    6. Hi Athstai, you say that cut/sex are the main attraction of such mod, but i think you are not completly right, let me explain. The real attraction is the ambiance and emotion you built with your story, the sex at the end is only the climax. It's the difference between movies like Saw and Shining. Saw is the Sanguine Debauchery and Shining the Dark Investigation. Why not starting to create your mod without the sex scene, you create the story with the animation in mind but you put a fade to black instead. And then you put the animation later when animator like Leito (for example) will be experienced enough to create great one on FO4.
      Going this way can even allow you to release the mod on the Nexus, seriously, CPU just release a sex mod there and the 0sex(i don't remember the name correctly) is doing find there too. if the quest is well tailored and is not just sex for sex i'm sure the nexus would allow it. And you release the very mature with the graphical content (sex anim) here. You have nothing to lose to ask them. It's ironic to censure such mod when a book like 50 Shade of stupidity sell so much. Everyone love sex. And video game is no more a media for the 12/15 years old. The perfect exemple is the witcher 3. This game was on many aspect more mature and disturbing than your dark investigation mod.

      I enjoy Dark investigation the way you've created it, a well crafted but unfinished mod is way better than every "questmod" (talk to pnj->trigger random sex scene, talk to pnj->trigger random sex......) that we have on the LL website.

      Focus on the story and ambiance yourself and ask other modders to create the environnement, mesh, locations, textures, animations you need.

  8. AND~~ you never ever finsh any mod

  9. CK comes out in April. If you were wondering.

    And i think you should move on to mainstream mods. Unfinished porn is just sad.

    1. I do think as far as porn goes, most viewers would never notice if it's unfinished - it's not like anyone watches porn till the end ;)

  10. You may work harder in this time

    1. And you can create a mod yourself instead of telling others to work harder :)

  11. I don´t know, and don´t want to know, why you left LL, but I am sure there are individual people there (animators, by example), that would probably help in a mod for F4.
    In fact, until a new functional framework is done (years?), the best way to have an adult mod is with something like DI, great story and few animations.
    I doubt it would be impossible to get the attention of one or two individual animators actually making animations for Skyrim in LL...

    1. The mod had been on LL for quite a while (and it was known there afterwards too) and except DarkAngel no other modders were interested in working for it. Not that I blame them, it's a lot work and you get less attention/credits/feedback when your animation/artwork/texture is inside a mod from someone. I don't see that change for a FO4 mod.
      Besides I doubt that a new framework will take too long. It sounds like much of the engine is the same as Skyrim and I would guess a lot can easily be ported.

    2. It's not that some modder would have to come and aid you in scripting or whatever else.
      On LL you're free to use all kind of resources that are available there - which means you don't have to waste time on reinventing the wheel.
      Things like ZAZ Animation Pack surely would have something of use for mod like this.

      But well, I suppose you had your reasons.

      As for what type of mod I would like you to make?
      Do whatever is fun for you. This is the only way to make sure you wont burn out before finishing it.

      Personally if I would be allowed to request something then i would say - for skyrim there are VERY few of sex mods that actually have some kind of interesting story.
      I suppose this wont be much different in FO4.
      Thats quite unfortunate IMO.

  12. Hey Athstai, should you plan on finishing this mod and need animations, hit me up on LL.
    ~ Darkevilhum

  13. Thanks for the offer. Here's a small status update what I'm up to right now, also I suspect most won't like it, as my plans for Skyrim as well as FO4 have been postponed.

    I got my HTC Vive recently (VR System) and while I had all the Oculus DeveloperKits before, the Vive changed things quite a bit. Having a Headset on and being able to see in 3D is "neat" but being able to walk around in a Virtual Reality and touch things is "WOAH!". So the first thing I thought about while playing the demos like Google Labs was of course: "Man, a Portal version in room scale VR would be so fucking sweet!". But then my second thought was: "An adult game in room scale VR would be mindblowing!". Like you could actually stand in a corwded train, pick a "girl" you like, walk towards her and start accidentally touching her with your hand(controllers), unbuttoning her clothes, hold her in place while watching her reaction and everything - to name the most Japanese fantasy.
    It's a whole new world of err... interaction. And if that's coupled with a nice story people will be found dead in their rooms with headsets on, starved while playing sex games ;) So yeah, currently I'm getting familiar with the Unreal Engine and checking out what works and what doesn't. To be honest, it's unlikely that this will ever reach a release (or even preview) state, mostly because due to the textures and animations needed this isn't a one-man job. But who knows and at the moment tinkering with it is where I spend my "pervert pet projects" time.

  14. PLS release source for DI, bro ;)

  15. I still come here for any DI upgrade even i know its never gona happen the post u write above will going to same happend to DI(too much work for one man,few gonna appreciate,geting bored bla bla...)

    What u wanna do is up to you obivous Im just bored to play skyrim even with all those mods and want diffrent things better than sex cuz lulz i want to play story driven adult mod and u made the best so far.

  16. we don't have the source for DI but you can create a quest mod that continues from the ending :) example:

    1. Dragonborn being trained by Shydra and the Orcs :D

  17. I can't choose the second option and the last one :P?

  18. So, what's going on now?

  19. notthing the mod was abbadoned

  20. Out of curiosity, has anyone tried to play this on the Special Edition which was released today (and is not owned by me at this point :) )?
    As long as FNIS is compatible (is it?) it should work I think, it doesn't use SKSE after all.

    1. where could i find that special edition?

    2. if you own the game and its expansions on steam you get it free :D

    3. There is a FNIS for SE. I gave it a go using NMM, but the game wouldn't even start. If I unticked the dip.esp, the game would start no problem. It doesn't look like DI works with the Special Edition. Bummer =(

    4. Mhm, that's strange. There isn't anything in the mod which should be incompatible. Maybe it just needs to be recompiled with an up to date creationkit and the updated FNIS - most likely the latter I'd guess.

    5. The reason it doesn't work is because the old BSAs don't work with the new Skyrim. I've ported the mod and tested it a bit. I only tested until the fight in the inn you go to you, but everything was working fine. You can find my conversion here

      I cleaned the mod with xEdit and removed the male body meshes (I felt that it should be covered by another mod).

    6. Nice work, if you did get it working. This might be the only functioning sex mod foe SkyrimSE right now.

    7. Actually the author of Animated Prostitution released a mod called Flower Girls and has an option to tie it in to Amourous Adventures.

    8. Thanks a lot :) I'd like a 1:1 port of the mod however - the male mesh was included because the size of the penis was made to perfectly fit the Tursam / Dragonborn animation, so I'd like to keep it in. I'd link a direct convert on the download section so those who only use the special edtion can still play it.

    9. Alright, I added the body back in as well as the .tri files. The only other thing I modified as the esp when I cleaned it with xEdit. Are the dirty edits important or was that fine?

    10. So apparently the FNIS creature pack hasn't been ported to Special Edition yet which means the dog animation won't work.

    11. The handcuffs and gag are grey for the Shydra bad ending, and the gag gets removed when she strips your character. Other than that everything worked great.

  21. Is there any hope for a final chapter? It is one of the best mods i ever played. And i would love to have an ending to it. :/

    1. That's pretty unlikely unfortunately. Besides other factors, by now Skyrim seems to be just too old (over 5 years) to invest a huge amount of work into it. I'm not sure if the new Special Edition changes anything but it doesn't look like it.

    2. Is the final update at least being worked on or was that abandoned as well?

    3. Old meaning the most mod-able game around at present with the most mod support and largest modding community? F4 will be atleast 2 years old before it's modding scene gets anywhere as close.

  22. Athstai Da, if you left this PERFECT mod dead now, please, can you at least release a post in here with a list of what exacly was planed (so we could know what we lost XD))

    1. I can't really say, as I mentioned somewhere else I was making the story for the chapters up as I went. I the next chapter Anray and Dragonborn were supposed to infiltrate the slaver's base undercover. There would have been two routes: One were Anray leads and poses as slaver having captured new merchandise (the Dragonborn) - which he would obviously enjoy a bit too much. In the second path the Dragonborn would have posed as customer with Anray her partner and she would inspected what the slavers had to offer.
      In the end they would have gotten one step closer to Perwar - which would turn out to be a dragon of course :)

    2. That sounds really intresting...

    3. Oh man... now I'm even more sad that you're not doing the mod anymore.

  23. I still check back here occasionallu in the vain hope .28 might be done. ;__;
    Shame you didn't have the time to finish this but it's still one of the best lewd mods for skyrim.

  24. Please finish this ;_; PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE

  25. Athstai Da
    update soon in 2045?!!!

  26. Nice to see the Special Edition version out.

  27. Could you at least release the source files if your not going to work on it anymore?

  28. yeaaa Special Edition (replay the same game with graphic improve what a joke!)
    Not for me!
    But still need a fix for crash/fix the OLD 0.27 version!

  29. Out of curiosity, what are you currently up to, Athstai? I know this mod is pretty much dead, but I imagine you're doing SOMETHING, and maybe would like to share what it is. Or, if you're not doing a mod or just taking a break, that's also cool. Just checking in.

    1. I'm not working on any mod right now. Fallout VR Edition is the next thing which will interest me, although it depends how well it is implemented and - in the case of an adult mod - if there are good animations available by then.

  30. Out of further curiosity:

    We know now what your overall plans would have been for the mod (as you already stated it twice, thanks for that btw ) though we still don't know what the last bonus scene would have been about you wanted to implement before you abandoned it.

    Consider me interested even tjough I'll never get to see it anyway ;)

    - Valgo

    1. It was a small scene with the two imprisoned orcs and the Dragonborn. The guard asked her to fetch them their meals, she goes into the cell, puts it on the table and gets hit with a stool leg on the head, being unconscious. In that state she's raped by them and later bound and gagged kept as toy under the bed, while the guards don't notice anything and just wonder where the Dragonborn has gone. Kinda a bad end.

      I already had a custom stool leg weapon made ;) And half of the scene is finished, but I got stuck on the custom animations in the end. They just take so much time to get them right.

    2. Oh no! lol

      That would have been amazing, that was a scene I wanted so bad!

    3. So you are working on it!! Thats a great new! We love you Athstai :D

      The way you describe the scene seems even more brutal than the Shydra scene, cant wait to see it finished!

    4. No, he said that's what the scene would have been. He's not working on anything.

    5. Come on Athstai! Do it for the orcs, they deserve some fun with the dragonborn, dont they? :>

    6. So there would have been three bad ends (Shydra rapes player, bandits gang rape player, and orcs rape player) for the Shydra route, but none for the Tursam route? I mean, I know he was presented as incompetent, but he maybe could have pulled something off. Oh well.

    7. I'd count the Theater scene as bad end and it was one of the most extensive bonus scenes.

    8. Eh, it wasn't as bad as any of Shydra's. But again, she was much more capable than Tursam, so it does fit. And I did enjoy the Theater scene, for sure.

    9. I'd make you the animations if you'd finish that bonus scene :P - Dark

    10. Thanks for the offer. Before I'd have jumped on that in a heartbeat, but now I'm not so sure if I'm up for working on it again. After 2 years I'm pretty out of using the CK, so I'd have to install Skyrim, set everything up, get familiar with the CK again, figure out what the hell I was doing in my scripts two years ago and so on.
      I can't deny that the idea of continuing holds some temptation - I did like how the mod worked out quite a lot after all - but I also feel it's just a bit too late for Skyrim. It's 6 years old by now and while this mod has some loyal followers / fans, the audience is rather small. For example the Special Edition version of the mod I uploaded in the beginning of the month (for the new Skyrim) has been downloaded 54 times by now.

      And I don't want to promise doing anything I don't get to again - that kinda already happened with the last voices files and I feel bad about it.

    11. Know its not going to sway your opinion any, but I know exactly where you're coming from. I've been working on this personal mod off and on for a few years that I decided that I wanted to release to the public at some point. However its been taking me forever and I keep getting side tracked by other things. As far as I am with it I still want to get it out for the sake of completeness and not having an abandoned project.

      You've still got something out and whats there is fantastic. Not just because of the quality but because there are so few quest mods featuring adult content (The only other good one I can think of is bestial essence on LL). If I were you, I think being so close to finishing the second chapter would bug me too much, I would feel like I'd HAVE to do it lol. Even then, though it wouldn't be a complete story, I would just wrap it up there and put something in game implying that nothing can be in Skyrim.

      Like, hinting that the story would have to continue in ES6.(Maybe they get to Labyrinthian and it had been abandoned recently.) I mean right there you could say you have a complete project.


    12. Athstai, for the Special Edition, I think the reason it has so few downloads is because many people who play with adult mods don't use it, so don't let that get you down.And obviously there's still a lot of interest in Skyrim even after six years. Just look at the SKSE folks: they chose to ignore F4SE for now to focus on SKSE for the Special Edition. That said, it does sound like it would be a major pain to start on this mod again, so it's understandable that you don't want to.

    13. Athstai, you have so many fans waiting for the bonus scene, I will give you a sugestion: Make a poll, "How many of you are expecting for the release?" If you like the results, go ahead. But so many people like me are checking this site everyday, willing to find any new about an update even if you say thats not gonna happen.

      Anyway is up to you, whatever you decide we will understand it.

      "Dark investigation doesnt belong to us, but we belong to it" Ulfric Stormcloak

    14. Well that would have been beyond amazing. But I get that it's too much work for too little gain.
      I myself have offered someone to help him doing some writing for a textbased smut game and I haven't done shit all month.

      Thanks for sharing in any case!
      - Valgo

    15. Fair enough, it's hard to get back into it after you've stopped for a while, only happens if the urge hits.
      Though I can say in regards to the '54' people that downloaded, your site here sort of stands on it's own solely for this mod which at present is considered finished. So the traffic wouldn't be high, I check back once every couple months or so personally, everyone is always over on LL :P

      Anyways, should the urge hit you, hit me up on LL (Darkevilhum)

      - Dark

  31. Not add anythink just a fix the 0.27 for to be able to work without crash because of the new contents (mods) updates etc..

  32. SkyrimSE isnt getting any traction until SKSE is released. Until then, there really is no incentive to move over.

  33. Would consider installing skyrim again just for this mod :)

  34. Hi Athstai, just chiming in to say thanks for a fantastic mod - probably the most fun I've had playing Skyrim! (If only there were more quests like yours...)

    So congratulations on making something really great, and I wish you good fortune in whatever else you may create in the future.


  35. The people at LL have made a working framework with animations and options for fallout 4. Might want to check it out.

    1. Mhm, I might. Although a framework is usually not necessary for my story mods and doesn't reduce the effort needed to create the mod. Playing an animation in a scene is pretty straight forward. So the more important part would be how many animations for Fallout 4 exists, how well they are made and if something like FNIS is existing too (too lazy to look it up right now).
      However I'll most likely only work on a Fallout 4 story mod if/when the VR version comes out (again I didn't follow the state of that, I only remember Beth announced it some time ago).

  36. Will this mod be continued if Skyrim VR arrive?

    1. I haven't heard about Skyrim VR yet. But in general adult mods are fantastic for VR as the immersion adds so much (like really, it makes a huge difference compared to playing it on a monitor).
      So it mostly depends how well VR is done on Skyrim (or Fallout), how modder friendly it is and how well the animations look close-up.
      Aside from this I do wish there will be a hitbox for touching an NPC with your controllers which a script can react too. That would allow for so much fun modding wise :)

      So. We will see.

  37. Got some screenshots from the finished parts of the Orcs / Dragonborn scene to share? :)
    Sounds really intriguing

  38. Any chance you have the rest of your stories plot for Dark Investigaions written out somewhere? I would love to find out how where the story was going to go.

    1. He said in a post a VERY long time ago that he doesn't plan it out. So it's likely he doesn't have anything written, unfortunately. And with his unfortunate fixation on VR, which will almost certainly not get to the level he wants it for his dream mod in Fallout 4, it's not likely we'll ever know what happens next.

  39. Press F to Pay Respects

  40. so it's a dead end?

  41. SkyrimVR is sooooo good! Feels sad can't use this mod in SkyrimVR because it change the camera.

    1. I haven't tried yet, mostly because I don't feel like spending 60 bucks on a 10 year old game... again. But I'm pretty sure I'll buy it one day. I am a bit unhappy that it seems you can't take advantage of the VR in the creation kit, for example by being able to determine if your (VR) hands touch objects/bodies and so on.
      If that would be in, I'd probably work on a VR version of the mod and maybe even continue it. But as it sounds right now, I can't really use the advantages of VR mod wise, so I'm not that tempted at the moment.

    2. Don't know if this mod will fit the first person play style in VR (I picked up a male character for the first time in Skyrim), but the game itself is by far the best VR game I have played since DK2. It is so well optimized that I can apply multiple 4K textures to the VR version and still run butter smooth. They learned from their mistake in the FO4VR and Skyrim on PSVR so the control feels more intuitive. It's a pity they don't offer a discount to SkyrimSE owners but I got my copy from GMG with 20% off.

  42. Hi. Would be interesting to see just story script-novel how things would develop eventually if you finished mod.

  43. Will this mod be updated? The second chapter is released! I have been waiting for 3 years.

    1. Where do you see the second chapter? Athstai Da no longer works on this mod.

    2. Sorry! This is a question of Google Translate. I mean, when is the second chapter published? Google Translate directly gave me the second chapter.